Welcome to this week’s Jordan retro and Yeezy-free edition of Buy, Pass, Wait, where the Kicks On Fir… wait, what? There’s a Jordan retro dropping this week? Which one? The 15s? Oh, those don’t count, come on, imaginary voice in my head.

Anyways, this week’s edition takes a look at a pair of signature releases from two athletes who made their sneaker debuts this season, the proper sequel to the adidas NMD CitySock, and the beginning of what is shaping up to be a long month if you’re a Nike Air Max fan of any sort.

Nike PG 1 Ferocity


Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (PASS) The 2K colorway is coming sooner rather than later so I’m holding off until then. Probably won’t be an easy cop because the buzz for the shoe is high at the moment so good luck if you’re trying for these this weekend.

Renz Ofiaza, News: (PASS) Design-wise, I’m a fan of the silhouette, but not in this colorway, I’m all for the previous blacked-out Shining theme, although, die-hard Pacers fanatics should be interested in this pair.

Juan Carrillo, News: (BUY) Hopefully these are easier to get than last week’s PG 1 release. I’ve yet to try them on (heard they’re narrow and hard to put on), but I’ll just pick up a pair and see how it all goes. It’s a Pacers colorway, this is definitely a good one to start of my PG 1 collection.

Andres Carrillo, News: (PASS) I like this pair better than the “Shining” colorway that released last week, but it’s not one that I can see myself wearing too often. I still need to see the PG 1 in person before I think about buying it.

KITH x Naked x adidas NMD CS2


EIC Juan: (BUY) I like both colorways so watch me lose my mind when these get a wider release in a few weeks and try to justify spending a whole lot of money. I am not normal.

Renz: (PASS) I would prefer the NMD City Sock a bit more instead. But, I do like the asymmetrical collar and overall colorways. I’m not just a fan of the elongated three stripe motif on its upper.

News Juan: (PASS) Eh, it’s not very appealing to me. The strap going down the middle of the shoe is kind of a turn off, but I guess that’s what makes it different, right? Big fan of KITH collabs, but this is one I could live without.

Andres: (PASS) I didn’t like the original City Sock and I don’t like this one either. The shoe just looks too plain in my opinion. It literally looks like a sock with a Boost midsole.

Air Jordan 15 Obsidian


EIC Juan: (PASS) No chance in hell…

Renz: (WAIT) Since I’m older, I appreciate this design a lot more. The colorway is a classic and I’ll consider at a much lower price point.

News Juan: (PASS) Clean colorway but I’ve never really been a fan of the 15s. It was ahead of its time when it initially dropped and after all these years later I still think it has a very futuristic look it. With that said, I don’t think it’s a Jordan model I’d like to own.

Andres: (PASS) This might be an OG colorway, but I’m just not a fan of the Jordan 15. I’ve yet to see a colorway that I would even think about buying.

Nike Air Max 1 OG


EIC Juan: (BUY) I’d go for the blue pair just to be the contrarian jerk who doesn’t just buy the most obvious one. I had no idea how much the shoe’s shape has changed through the years but that matters little to me because the 1 in its OG colors has always looked pretty good.

Renz: (BUY) You really can’t go wrong with either colorway. Each are classics and certainly a must-have for any sneaker collector in my opinion.

News Juan: (BUY) Either colorway would be dope. I doubt I get a chance at scooping up both, so if I had to make a choice, I’d go with the Red pair. Must have if you ‘re a fan of Nike. Glad to see these make a return.

Andres: (BUY) If you’re a fan of Nike then this is definitely shoe that you need in your collection. Everything about the shoe is classic and timeless. I hope I’m able to pick up a pair.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Flyknit

Finish Line

EIC Juan: (BUY) The 90 is my favorite Air Max of all the oldies that the swoosh loves to bring back so I was very excited to hear it was going to get the Flyknit treatment for the Air Max Day Month. After getting hands-on and feet-on with them, let’s just say I’m ever more impressed than I thought I would be.

Renz: (BUY) I’m an advocate for this silhouette and it really looks amazing with the incorporation of flyknit. The inaugural lineup is a solid offering, but I prefer the Infrared version more due to its OG theme.

News Juan: (WAIT) The Flyknit Air Max 1 released last year and people slept on it so hard that you were eventually able to find it at 50% off. The Flyknit Air Max 90 is just as clean, but I really hope people sleep on it so that I could eventually pick up a pair for less than $100.

Andres: (WAIT) I like the Air Max 90 and I love Flyknit. So this is a perfect match, right? Well yeah, but I wouldn’t pay retail for a pair. It seems like these will go on sale in the future so I’ll just wait it out till then.

adidas Harden Vol. 1 Fear The Fork


EIC Juan: (PASS) Vol. 1 has been spectacular so far with colorways ranging from dope to at least interesting to look at. This one actually falls victim to a far superior Grayvy (yes, it’s supposed to be a pun) colorway that dropped earlier this week.

Renz: (WAIT) I prefer the silhouette in monochromatic finishes but this color combo is certainly an appealing option. I’m not too keen on owning it though, but at a lower price, I might have to.

News Juan: (BUY) adidas continues to release solid colorways of the Harden Vol.1, this one is no different. The Yellow definitely pops and gives the shoe a really clean overall appearance.

Andres: (PASS) Decent colorway, but the “Grayvy” pair that also released this week is the winner of the two. I still need to try on the Harden Vol.1. I’m a fan of how it looks, now I just need to see how they feel on my feet.